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Was originally developed for facilitating treatment of HIV/AIDS related complications. IMCARE version. More applications are currently clinically tested , ONCARE. and planned, VET.


Is based on bovine colostrum
Is rich in bioactive agents e.g. immunoglobulins and growth factors
Gives nutritional support in addition to the bioactive actions


* enhances the immune system                                        
* bioactivities act both systemically and locally
* improves quality of life
* has a prolonged effect
* is cost effective


Specifically developed to sustain the bioactive properties of colostrum during production and after administration.


Provides optimal exposure to the intestine by the active components. Patented design of administration allows for slower intestinal transport time and protected active content.

Porridge benefits for colostrum administration.





Europe:            Patent granted. Opposition rejected 090122
South Africa:
   Patent granted.
India:               Patent granted.

New Zeeland:  Patent granted.
Australia:         Patent granted.

USA:                 Patent pending.







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  "We add knowledge - You just add water"






HIV is a major problem in many countries




  ColoPlus comes in powder form and is 

  administered as porridge after diluting

  with water. Packed for longer storage




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